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VOTE411 — Non-Partisan Information About Candidates

The League of Women Voters' is an online tool for voters across the country. It is an objective, non-partisan source of election and candidate information managed by the national League of Women Voters. At the website you can find out if you're already registered to vote, see what's on your ballot, see your ballot and read about each candidate's position on the issues as well as other election information.

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To learn more about how to use, try these videos. – A North Carolinian's Guide to Using This Non-Partisan Online Voter Guide – Hear from North Carolina Candidates in Their Own Words – How to View What's On Your Ballot, Make Selections, & View Them When You Go to Vote



Where Does Information Come From?

While the national League of Women Voters owns and oversees the website, our local LWV organization, comprised of women and men from our community, have posted information on Henderson, Transylvania and Polk County candidates running for office.

Each candidate is invited to respond to a list of questions, generated by League of Women Voters North Carolina for national- state-level offices and our local Henderson County League for county and local offices. The questions and each candidate's responses are posted on

The candidates who respond also include their personal biographical information. The questions include important issues facing each of the three counties. You can read each of your candidate's responses to these questions, read their biographical information and decide who aligns with your concerns and would best serve your community. gives the candidates an opportunity to speak to you in writing to let you know their positions. From your computer, tablet, or phone, you can read responses written by the candidates who will be on your own ballot.


LWVHC's VOTE411 Videos


View the videos:

VOTE411 – NOW!



In July of 2021 our Voter Services team discussed the need to reach a different audience – younger, more diverse, possibly discouraged or disaffected – to encourage these potential voters to learn more about the voting process. A small group was formed with the goal of developing short, edgy, videos to catch the attention of potential younger voters, empower them, and guide them toward as a comprehensive voting resource.

Over the next months, after considering any number of creative ideas and after reaching out to community leaders for their insights and counsel, the VOTE411 Video team found Indián Jackson, a young videographer whose dedication to the project has been instrumental in bringing it to life. Indián transformed the scripts into powerful and persuasive videos and provided critical guidance about how to assure effective distribution. Along the way, she also helped identify and coordinate the supporting cast and agreed to play the lead character.

VOTE411 – NOW! shows the anguish and anger of many who not only feel neglected but mistreated by the system that governs them, and points the narrator toward their online non-partisan voter guide,, as a means of empowerment through familiarizing them with the voting process and with local issues, candidates, and voting options.

VOTE411 – BECAUSE! celebrates the value of voting and encourages the viewer to use, to get tuned in to the voting process and their local issues, candidates, and voting options.

We offer our sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped bring this project to life.

The LWVHC VOTE411 video team: Lynn McFarland, Nan Jennings, Rachel Poller, Patti Rogers, Charles Wilkinson

Community Advisors: Crystal Cauley, Ronnie Pepper, Tony Robles

Indian Jackson: design, writing, choreography, videography, production

Charles Wilkinson: design, writing

Agape World Outreach, 726 1st Ave. West, Hendersonville, NC 28739; choir and musicians in “Because”

Minister Compton Chiles Tucker

Charné Tucker

Evangelist Linda Smith

Joseph Smith

Minister Karen Hayes Roberts

James Jackson

 Jimmy Anderson: acoustic slide guitar

 David Cohen: conga drums

 Melinda Lowrance: The Wizard

 Matthew Anderson: van driver





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