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Dear Prospective Member of the LWV of Henderson County,

As you evaluate the many opportunities for volunteering in Henderson County, we hope you will give the League of Women Voters (really not for women only!) very careful consideration! Matching your interests, skills, and talents with a non-partisan mission for open and representative government is a recipe for service of the highest order and satisfaction for your heart! It is a two-way process and everybody wins!  

From its inception in 1920, when women finally won the right to vote, the League has stood on principles that supported their initial drive:

  Representative government; all citizens included
  Informed and active participation in government; protection of citizens’ right to know, open meetings, accessible public records
  Protection of a citizen’s right to vote…no discrimination
  Efficient and economical government; competent personnel; coordination
  Responsiveness to the will of the people,
  Cooperation with other nations essential in search for solutions to world problems… that international organization and law promote world peace.

What renders the League a model for democracy-in-action is that it has a NON-PARTISAN approach for informing and educating the public, performing studies of issues (“action without study is fatal”), developing positions by consensus, and promoting advocacy and action on those positions. People from all parties join the League and learn that “truth is not won by a majority”. They set aside partisanship in favor of critical thinking and discover the excitement of consensus from a well thought out study and conclusion that serves an inclusive democracy. Please read the enclosed sheet on LWVHC Committees, Activities, and Contacts to view some of our current work.

Your membership will be valued and your expression of ideas respected in this organization. Membership is open to all women and men 18 and older. An Individual membership is $50 yearly, and a Family membership is $75 (for 2 persons from the same family). Member benefits include regular publications from Local, State, and National, representing the one voice of League. Consider joining us so that you can:

  be with people who share your desire and passion for an informed and active citizenry
  nurture the non-partisan and consensus process; foster true dialogue
  match your interests with a task; learn or share skills in leadership thru training and mentoring
  tackle issues in collaboration with other organizations; get to know your community
  seek legislation to change laws at local, state, or national level effectively; seek the common good

…and beside that, it’s FUN! ...and more!

It’s impossible to convey, in this small space, all that League is, or our total commitment to it! But we hope we’ve imparted enough to whet your appetite and invite your further inquiry.

To join the League of Women Voters of Henderson County, please print and send the Membership Form and Interest Survey along with your membership dues check to:

P.O. Box 2238
Hendersonville, NC 28793


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